Kate and Will are off to Mexico City to cram 2000 years of history into one art weekend.

Their art tour begins at the astounding library, Biblioteca Vasconcelos in the heart of Mexico City to see a sculpture by Mexico’s most celebrated living artist, Gabriel Orozco.

Bringing together Aztec and Spanish tradition, the pair experience Mexico’s famous festival - the Day of the Dead - at the Museo Soumaya, before heading north to visit Teotihuacan - an awe-inspiring ruined city in the valley of Mexico.

Their final day is dedicated to two of Mexico’s most famous artists - Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera - as they head to the Museo Mural Diego Rivera to sample Rivera’s huge murals, the humble Blue House to view captivating self portraits of Kahlo and the Museo Dolores Olmedo, where Kahlo’s most important painting is housed, ‘Broken Column’ giving a true insight into her personal story.