An African-American artist known for her elaborate paintings created from rhinestones, acryllic and enamel, Mickalene Thomas' work (inspired by western art history and pop art) examines ideas around femininity, beauty, race, sexuality and gender. She earned her MFA at the Yale University School of Art in 2002 and her work is part of many significant public collections such as The Museum of Modern Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Art Institute of Chicago and Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Japan. 

In addition to paintings, Thomas also uses a plethora of mediums including photography, collage, printmaking, moving image and sculpture, in which she has also had success; her short film 'Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman' is often shown on HBO and regularly repeated. 

Thomas has received many accolades for her work including MoCADA Artistic Advocacy Award, The Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant, the Brooklyn Museum Asher B. Durand Award and the Pratt Institute Alumni Achievement Award. 

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