Kate and Will hunt down some of Japan’s most famous paintings in the staggering urban tapestry of Tokyo.

From the cultural highlights of Tokyo National Museum at Ueno Park, to the birthplace of the ubiquitous garish culture of cuteness known as kawaii in Harajuku, they explore a city where deep-rooted traditional heritage sits comfortably juxtaposed alongside an insatiable appetite for modernity.

They head to Asakusa to find authentic wood blocks of Hokusai’s world famous ‘Great Wave’ before taking a dip in the Kita-Ku Bathhouse to learn about zen through communal murals.

Their final stops include Shibuya to see Taro Okomato’s expansive abstract work and the Mori Art Museum to sample the work of one of Japan’s greatest living artists, Takishi Murakami.  

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